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At Cat and Dog Clinic of Pensacola, we are dedicated to protecting the health and welfare of your pets. We are committed to providing the best medical treatment and care available and to protecting your pet and family from preventable diseases. We are a full service veterinary facility offering surgical procedures, routine checkups, vaccinations, bathing and dipping, boarding and more for cats and dogs. We carry a large variety of pet supplies including Hill’s Science Diet and Hill’s Prescription Diet pet foods, heartworm preventatives, therapeutic shampoos and dips, dental products, flea and tick products, vitamins, dietary supplements and much more.


Call Us: (850) 478-2287
Visit Us: 2425 W. Nine Mile Road – Suite 4 – Pensacola, FL 32534


Surgical Procedures

Surgical procedures are performed with the utmost care in our sterile operating room.

Vaccinations & Screenings

Vaccinations to keep your pets and family healthy and protect against diseases.

Yearly Health Checkups

Yearly exams to insure you pet is in good health and to discover problems quickly.

Bathing & Dipping

Bathing and dipping to rid your pet of parasites and to treat dermatological issues.

Parasite Treatment

Treatment and prevention for Heartworms, Intestinal Parasites and fleas and ticks.

In House Pharmacy

In house pharmacy to provide you with prescription medications and treatments.

Dental Hygiene & Cleaning

Dental cleanings and oral exams to keep your pets teeth and gums healthy.

Boarding & Daycare

Daycare and boarding facilities for our clients who need someone to watch their pets.

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Pet Boarding & Day Care

Cat and Dog Clinic of Pensacola offers pet boarding and day care for our clients and their family pets. Our newly renovated facility provides your pet with a clean and comfortable environment and your pet is regularly cared for and pampered while in our care.

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Products We Offer:

Our in-house pharmacy is fully stocked with most prescription and non prescription medications and we carry a full assortment of shampoos, dips and dental products as well as flea and tick products for cats and dogs. We have a large selection of vitamins and dietary supplements as well.  Our knowledgeable staff are always available to assist with any questions you may have concerning the products and services we offer so please call or come by and we will be glad to assist.

Why take the risk of loosing your pet? Microchip Today!

Microchips are safe and inexpensive micro devices about the size of a grain of rice that are placed just under the skin of your pet. These RFID devices has a unique ID and, when scanned, will allow your pet to be identified through a national database. Since not all cats and dogs wear collars and/or tags that help identify them, these microchips provide a great way for your cat or dog to be identified easily with a simple handheld scanner. Most animal control offices will scan a found pet to see if it has a microchip and they will contact the owner quickly to arrange a fast reunion.

Contact us today to discuss our microchip services for cats and dogs and to schedule an appointment.

Our NEW Location:

Cat and Dog Clinic of Pensacola is located on 9 Mile Road in Pensacola, Florida approximately 1/3 of a mile west of Pine Forest Road on the south side.  We are conveniently located within 5 minutes of Navy Federal Credit Union.

Our address is:
2425 W 9 Mile Rd #4
Pensacola, FL 32534